Bear Tears Into Hogs In Trap

By Gon Staff on December 24, 2018

Larry Davie, of Waycross, went to check his hog trap and found six dead hogs in the trap, torn to pieces.

“Glad I had the trail camera on the trap,” said Larry.

Otherwise, he might not have known for sure what occurred on the Ware County hunting property. In the final trail-cam picture in a series of more than 35 images captured on the camera, the bear opens the trap door and exits.

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Wild Hog Facts | Mossy Oak


There are many surprises when it comes to the wild hog that both baffle the biologist and cause aggravation to the land owner.

There are many headlines in regards to the quickly increasing numbers of wild hog in the United States; and although forty states claim the species, the highest numbers exist in the state of Texas (followed by California and Florida.) You would think that with such high numbers we would speaking about a creature that’s native to the U.S.; however, that is not the case at all.

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