How to Use Kestrel Ballistics Meters to Hunt Predators and Varmints

You can’t control the weather on your hunt, but you can plan around it for success. Kestrel Weather Meters can give you a heads up on ground conditions to help you decide if you should head out with your calls or stay home.

Wind and weather influence animal activity and movement in different ways. Predatory animals such as coyotes are highly intelligent and adaptable animals, making them more difficult to hunt than other types of game. Even the smallest varmints such as squirrels, rabbits, and feral hogs pose their own challenges to hunters of every skill level. The good news is that being prepared and staying a step ahead of these animals can help improve your hunting success no matter the time of year. The Kestrel 2700 gives you all of the environmental data and ballistics calculations you need to make it a long-range one-shot hunt.

Source: How to Use Kestrel Ballistics Meters to Hunt Predators and Varmints

Night Vision Clip-on

Digital Crosshairs 1000 IR night vision clip-on adds night vision and low light capabilities to any day scope.  Mounts in less than one minute, with no re-sighting required. or call 404-590-6513

Digital Crosshairs 1000 Customer Reviews:

“Cool Product
Went hunting last Saturday night. I recently got the DC1000 and mounted it to my Bushmaster AR with a Simmons 44Mag scope. Dropped a pig like a rock at 140yds.! Picture was good and clear. IR light will easily reach 200 yds. I was kinda nervous at that distance since I hadn’t shot anything with the DC1000 yet, but it worked like a charm. Just a little weird aiming with the screen as opposed to looking through the scope. Waiting to put it on my 22-250, but going to have to trim the rubber down so bolt handle will clear to reload. If you don’t have at least a 1/2″ clearance between bolt handle and scope, prior to mounting camera, you will have difficulty reloading. Would be really good if it came with a hard case and a metal key, instead of a plastic one, to tighten hose clamp on camera. If you’re going to move it from one gun to another you may want to purchase a second picatinney mount so it doesn’t take as long to switch it over. Otherwise, it’s a really cool product that works as advertised. Customer service is awesome. Had some operating issues and a battery charger issue in the beginning, but Henry was extremely helpful and resolved them in a hurry. 4 out of 5 stars due suggested improvements.”  Schneider


“I’ve had a DC1000 since last year and have killed over 50 hogs with it so far (longest is 180 yds.). I love your product! My son is thinking of buying one. I’ve been wanting to upgrade to add the DVR. ”  Kyle (South Carolina)


“What a great idea – Thanks Henry. Got my first chance to use this at a hunting preserve for a night hog hunt. Was able to select the biggest hog out of 12 in the corn field as if it were day time. Shot a plus 200 pound sow at over 200 yards and dropped it on the spot. Came home and ordered me a DC1000 system for myself and Henry gave me two extra batteries to boot. I have used it on my Savage 30-06 and my Mission crossbow with about 10 minutes to move it and have it working. Awesome customer service Henry.” Rufus M.


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