New Long Range Spotting Scope Technology

Spotter Mile+

A revolution has just happened in spotting scope technology for long range target shooters.

Actually it is not a scope at all!  The introduction of affordable mobile, easy to use digital video streaming of targets at 50 yards or even over a mile away.   This device makes viewing paper targets you are shooting at easy even a mile away. Setup is simple and takes less than a minute.

Using technology from the drone industry, Digital FOV has introduced two new products that bring your target views right to your Android cell, Iphone, or tablet computer.  Just setup a small camera down range at your target and then view your target right on your phone without moving from your shooting position.

This technology is clear and easy to setup.  It also can record your shots hitting the target as it happens right to your cell phone for later viewing.

The down side is that you can’t use this for glassing the hillside for elk, but nothing beats it for spending time at the practice range.  At 5o  yards or 800 yards, you will be seeing every shot on the paper as they hit!

Simply setup the Spotter device down range pointed at your target and bring up the App on your mobile device.  It is just that simple.

You can learn more at or call 404-590-6513

See your bullets hit the target live, hundreds of yards away displayed right on your cell phone.  No more hard to use spotting scopes!

Can your spotting scope show you this at 800 yards?

See it at or call 404-590-6513

Down range targets clearly displayed on cell phone

This technology makes long range target practice more fun than ever.  View targets at 50 yards or over 1 mile!  You don’t have to even move from your shooting position to see where you hit.

Take pictures of your targets or save video of your entire shooting session on your phone.  Works with most mobile devices including Android, Iphone, and tablets.

 Available at: or call 404-590-6513
Spotter Mile+ Cam