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Night Hunting with 
Digital Crosshairs 1000 
Night Vision Clip-on
The best predator hunting is at night and with Digital Crosshairs 1000 night vision clip-on kit you can turn any scoped gun or cross bow into a digital night vision predator weapon.

Hunting at night add an addictive since of true stalking with the darkness as cover.  You also don't know what you are going to find 50 yards in front or behind you.  The woods and back roads are a different place at night.

Digital Crosshairs night vision clip-on makes darkness your advantage at an affordable price of just $600.

Mounts in less than a minute.  The kit includes monitor, eyepiece night vision clip-on, high power 850nm illuminator, battery pack, battery chargers, and all the mounts you need to get out night hunting the day you get it.
1000 TVL IR CMOS Camera
Focusable 850nm IR illuminator
150 to 250 yrds night vision
Picatinny rail mounted
4.3" rail mounted LCD
6 hour battery life
Rechargeable / replaceable batteries
Day or night digital system

Walk and Stalk Night Hunt
Nothing is more exciting than being out in the woods at night stalking hogs, coyote, bob cats and other pray.  

With Digital Crosshairs 1000 you will feel like you are playing a first person shooter video game.  Just put it in the crosshairs on the screen and shoot!

Depending on your scope, expect to get 150 to 250 yards of night visibility.  The focusable IR illuminator will let you throw a tight beam for long range spotting, or a wide beam for closer targeting.

Night hunters need some type of light to move around.  The targeting LCD give just enough light to help hunters navigate through fields and woods in the dark with less affect on spooking game than a flashlight.

Point your weapon up, and get a dim light on the ground to help you walk around.  Stop and raise your gun and scan the surrounding area.  

Perfect walk and stalk hunting.  

With walk and stalk be prepared to shoot from a prone position.
Most hunters practice at the range using a bench.  When walk and stalk hunting, most of my shots are taken from a prone position, so I practice shooting that way.

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