Killing Hogzilla: Hunting A Monster Wild Pig

SEPTEMBER 4, 2018 08:33 AM

By Chris Bennett

Michael Mims charged across a turnrow and burst through a green wall of July corn, running toward the baying bedlam of a primal melee. Tangled leaves slapped his face as he pounded down the mocha dirt of a Delta middle, primed to break through an 8-foot curtain of stalks and reach the source of absolute chaos. Twenty-five yards into the field, he checked up and froze in surprise as the flailing body of a black dog catapulted upward from the corn, arced 5 feet above the canopy, and sailed across his sight line before crashing into the foliage. Adrenaline surging, he steeled his nerve, fingered a bowie knife strapped against his thigh, and broke through one last row before spilling onto a flattened pocket 30 yards off the turnrow. Less than 6 feet away stood a hulking leviathan, a 750-lb. wild pig slinging teeth and wearing five dogs. Sliding a 15-inch blade from its sheath, Mims waded into a surreal brawl of blood and dirt—unaware an extraordinary wild pig saga was only just beginning.

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