5 Reasons Why You Should Hunt Wild Pigs


1. Property Damage Control

Pre-hunt discussions by friends, outfitters, ranch owners and others often conclude with statements such as: “And kill as many pigs as you want.”

Damage control on properties is often one aim. There are four others as well.

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2. Year-Round Hunting Opportunity

Let’s face it, the weeks and months between spring turkey and fall deer seasons are long.

Fishing, as fun as it is, doesn’t always provide the variety you might need. You may want, to put it simply, hunt.

Pigs provide the answer.

Some states, like Alabama, just require a small-game license to target them; others, like Georgia, ask for regular hunting paperwork. In Oklahoma, no license is required to hunt wild pigs on private land.

Often, too, there are no closed seasons on these feral swine; even night hunting and other opportunities.

Always check your state’s regulations though, as they vary. Have fun but stay legal.

Bonus photo gallery: Hogs by Helicopter


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