Concerns about feral hog encounters sparked by Austin Animal Protection officer’s injury | KXAN Austin

Wild hog in Austin Tx

The City of Austin is known for being a no-kill city, meaning in most circumstances the city will not kill animals. A spokesperson for Austin Animal Services explained the city’s no-kill status extends to wildlife, so the department doesn’t have a plan to manage or kill feral hogs.

City code and Austin Police General Orders, however, do allow officers to discharge firearms to stop a dangerous or aggressive animal that poses an imminent threat.

Source: Concerns about feral hog encounters sparked by Austin Animal Protection officer’s injury | KXAN Austin

Night Vision and Extreme Low Light With Any Scope!

Digital Crosshairs 1000

Digital Crosshairs 1000

Digital Crosshairs 1000 night vision clip-on takes you into the future of night vision at an affordable price the other guys really hate!  And yes, it can handle any level of recoil!


See video below

Mounts on any standard scope including but not limited to:

  • Leupold.
  • Schmidt Bender,
  • Nightforce,
  • Sightmark.
  • Burris.
  • Bushnell.
  • Barska.
  • Nikon.

Did you ever think that your rifle would have an LCD monitor for targeting?  Tanks, military ships, and fighter jet have used monitors for targeting for years.  Now circuit board based IR night vision with low light technology has enabled us to add digital night vision to any rifle scope for targeting in day light, low light or total darkness.

Digital Crosshairs 1000
Digital Crosshairs 1000 with hog at 100 yards

So how is that possible?  At Digital FOV we market a rifle scope clip-on that converts a standard rifle scope into a digital night vision rifle scope with a rail mounted LCD monitor.  For some traditionalist this is a bit much.  It changes all the rules related to shouldering a rifle and proper eye position behind the scope.  Eye position no longer matters because the shooters view is always from the optimal eye position no matter what angle viewed from.

With this rifle scope clip on, the shooter is seeing the field of view through the scope on the display in the correct eye position no matter what angle it is viewed from.  Why?  Because the Digital Crosshairs clip-on is attached to the eyepiece of the scope and provides a view directly down the tube of the scope.  Put it in the cross hairs and shoot.  It is that simple.


New for 2021, Digital Crosshairs 1000 also has an optional FPV through the rifle scope targeting monocular. Take the display off and go totally stealth! This is great for hunting from a blind or any stationary sniper type positioning.  Game like immersive view of rifle scope crosshairs, but deadly real!

Night Vision Rifle Scope FPV
FPV accessory for Digital Crosshairs 1000 Night Vision Clip-on

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Founder and Chief Innovator at Digital FOV, LLC