Digital Crosshairs Night Vision Clip-on

Add night vision to any rifle scope in minutes. No need to replace you fine glass optics with a dedicated night vison scope. Just add this easy to install night vision attachment and get over 400 yard night vision from a standard day scope, maybe even more. This product also add extreme low light capabilities for hunting during those prime dusk and dawn hours.

Night Vision Clip-on

Night Vision Clip-on Digital Crosshairs 1000

What our customers are saying:

Night Vision Clip-on – Digital Crosshairs 1000

“Purchased the DC 1000 system for night hog and coyote hunting as well as for night operations for search and rescue (Black River Search and Rescue). The system is awesome – works well and provides a clear picture out to 200 yards! I’m hard on equipment and almost immediately broke the post that supports the video screen. 1 call, and I had a new post for free, AND an upgraded tightening key! Then I lost my battery pack charger. Another call, and 3 days later I had a free replacement! The equipment works awesome, and Henry Johns’ customer service is extraordinary! I HIGHLY recommend the Digital Crosshair products!”

Karl Allen – Black River Search and Rescue Inc

The customer service is excellent. I base my opinions of a product, first on product quality, second on customer service during and after the sale. Let’s face it , not every product is perfect every time. I’ve had a couple of minor issues with my DC1000, but Henry has always been quick to respond and get the situation resolved. I have recommended the DC1000 over thermal or other night systems to a lot of my friends and people I meet looking to get a good night vision system without breaking the bank. Keep up the good work, Henry!

Kyle Schneider

Love my digital nite vision. have had it about 5yrs, works perfect,Henry is awesome. My battery charger lite quit working, Henry replaced it free. I just paid shipping, easy to work with, he’s like a good neighbor. Ray texas

Terri Snell

I bought this unit to hunt hogs at night. If you want to get into night vision hunting, I suggest you look closely at this setup. When I bought mine, it was the best & cheapest way to hunt hogs at night. Another big plus was that my 7 year old grandson could use it to hunt hogs at night. We could both watch the monitor as he made the shot to see where he was holding on the pig. It’s awesome to use the monitor to aim. I think if you are sensitive to recoil, this would be a big help to you. It’s very similar to playing a hunting video game. I recommended this unit to a guy & he bought one too after he saw mine. One last point to take into consideration. You can use it during bright daylight too. There is no shift in POA.

Rusty Dossman

“What a great idea – Thanks Henry. Got my first chance to use this at a hunting preserve for a night hog hunt. Was able to select the biggest hog out of 12 in the corn field as if it were day time. Shot a plus 200 pound sow at over 200 yards and dropped it on the spot. Came home and ordered me a DC1000 system for myself and Henry gave me two extra batteries to boot. I have used it on my Savage 30-06 and my Mission crossbow with about 10 minutes to move it and have it working. Awesome customer service Henry.”

Rufus M