Adaptive Hunting equipment

adaptive rifle scope for handicapped and visually disabled

Designed for visually disabled hunters, assisted blind hunters, and mobility handicapped hunters.

7 inch adaptive rifle scope display for visually handicapped hunter
Rifle Scope for Vision and Mobility Handicapped

Our rail mounted targeting display enables visually challenged hunters to more easily and independently target. The screen shows exactly what would be seen if looking through the scope. Designed to help hunters with vision loss due to macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and other vision disorders.

Adaptive rifle scope enables handicapped hunter
Adaptive Clip-on Attaches To Any Scope

Digital Crosshairs 1000A adaptive rifle scope clip-on attaches to any standard scope adding a real time game like targeting display. This is perfect for assisted blind hunters, visually impaired, and mobility handicapped hunters. This modular system allows the display to be rail mounted to the gun or attached anywhere needed using the included 12 foot extension.

Adaptive scope for mobility handicapped hunter
Adaptive Scope Targeting Display

Hunters with limited Immobility can use this display mount to a gun rest, a tripod, or anywhere needed. Great solution for paraplegics or anyone with mobility challenges.

Adaptive Scope Technology For Shooting Sports
Digital Crosshairs 1000A adaptive rifle scope clip-on can be used in day light with the included day light filter. Pictured above clearly showing targets at 100 yards. Great for the visually impaired person or mobility handicapped who has trouble focusing through a scope or with iron sights.
Adaptive scope for mobility handicapped crossbow hunter
Everyone Can

Digital Crosshairs has been helping physically and visually challenged enjoy shooting sports and hunters for over 10 years. It can be mounted on the rail of a gun, on a mobility device, or the gun mount. The modular design of this product provides for flexible custom mounting options of your choice.

Adaptive Scope Technology For Hunting
Digital Crosshairs 1000’s targeting screen enables visually disabled hunters, assisted blind hunters, and mobility handicapped hunters to much more independently enjoy hunting and shooting sports. The targeting screen show exactly where the scope is targeted to hit no matter what angle it is seen from.

Add Digital Display To Any Rifles Scope

Digital FOV clip-on scope adapter uses an eyepiece attached Digital video cam with a rail mounted LCD display for targeting.   Extentions can be added to the display connection so that it can be mounted away from firearm. 

Great for blind shooters, visually impaired shooters, and handicapped shooters.

This system looks down the scope and displays the scopes crosshairs on the LCD for targeting.  It will focus on the scopes lower magnifications with a standard scope.  If the scope has an adjustable objective it will focus on all magnifications.

Digital Crosshairs 1000A does not need special rifle scope ring adapters and will fits up to 50mm eyepiece.  

 Add and optional IR illuminator and use this system in total darkness.


Adds a rail mounted targeting display to any scope

  • 6+ hour lithium-ion power supply
  • Weather resistant
  • Instant power on
  • Focus by adjusting eye relief
  • 12 foot extension for scope for remote viewing
  • Adapter fits any size scope up to 50mm eye piece

Kit Includes:

  • Eyepiece Clip-on Day or Night Vision Camera
  • 3.6″ LCD Targeting Display
  • Lithium-ion Power Pack 
  • 12 foot display extention cable
  • All Required Mounts