New Rifle Tripod Head Mount

Tripod head for rifle by Digital FOV

A new product from Digital FOV turns your old camera tripod into a sturdy rail mount shooting stand for any rifle with a bottom or side picatinny rail.

Either sitting in a stand or walk and stalk hunting, having a tripod to steady your firearm is key to getting that perfectly placed and humane shot the first time.

A lot of hunters are using mono-pods and bi-pods but nothing beats the steadiness of this system. Even with a light weight tripod it beats your mono-pod or bi-pod system.

Just slide it on your front bottom or side rail and it hold your rifle securely.  Unlike other vise systems that you have to position and screw tight, this system is easy on and easy off offering that quick response often needed in the field.

Check it out at or call 404-590-6513 for more information or to place your order.


The AR above is using Digital Crosshairs 1000 night vision clip-on.  A favorite with hog and coyote hunters all over the U.S.A.