Deadly Accurate Crossbow Night Vision Clip-on

Digital Crosshairs night vision clip-on add night vision to any standard crossbow scope.

Adding Digital Crosshairs night vision clip-on gives the shooter a clear display for targeting in day light or dark of night from any angle. With this clip-on eye position as related to the scope has no importance, just put your target in the crosshairs on the screen and fire away! This game like targeting makes it very hard to miss.

Video demo of Digital Crosshairs Night Vision Clip-on mounted on Pinty scope using Bruin Ambush 370 Crossbow

Advantages of this Crossbow Scope Clip-on

What makes this the best night vision scope for a crossbow is the ability to target with it from any position. In a tree stand or ground stand you never know what direction that animal is going to approach from. When in a tree stand a hunter is also shooting down and often times difficult angles. With a standard scope the weapon has to be raise to eye level and correctly positioned to accurately target. With Digital Crosshairs 1000 night vision clip-on, if you can see the screen you can target your bow without raising it to your shoulder and worrying about proper eye position. This system always shows you the reticle of the scope from the correct field of view. Just put your target in the crosshairs and fire.

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