Adaptive Hunting Equipment

Adaptive shooting device can be expensive but really open the doors for handicapped sports men and women. They can  enable physically and visually challenged sports men and women to enjoy hunting and shooting sports.

Digital Crosshairs 1000A is an easy to install scope clip-on adaptive video targeting display that puts the view of a rifle, crossbow, or pistol scope’s crosshairs on an LCD display that is easy to see from any angle.


This product is the best available for enabling visually challenged individuals shoot with a standard rifle scope.  The display is modular and can be mounted on the gun or several feet away from the gun which makes it easy for someone to assist a blind hunter in targeting a rifle or crossbow.

An individual does not have to be blind to make it be difficult to focus on targets through a scope eyepiece.  This product puts the scope’s field of view right on a rail mounted targeting monitor solving this challenge.

Paraplegics, quadriplegics or others with physical mobility challenges can target from any position in which the crosshairs are visible on the screen.  The screen can easily be mounted on an adaptive device associated with a wheel chair for example.  No need to raise the gun.  If the shooter can see the screen they can target from any position.

Base Priced $450  (subject to change)

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