Night Vision Hog Hunting

Nothing more fun than night hog hunting with Digital Crosshairs Night Vision Clip-on.

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Long Range Night Vision With Standard scope!

Imagine, night vision on all your scoped guns with just one device.  Use it day or night. No re-zero needed.  Why be limited to one rifle for night hunting.  No complex menus just turn it on and go hunt!  Simply target by looking at the crosshairs on the screen.

This product makes night vision hunting a social event just like hunting with family and friends during the day.  Buy that $4000 night vision or thermal scope and you will see clearly at night, but you will be the only one who can see.  Everyone else in your hunting party will just be standing in the dark.

Our rail mounted display lets everyone with you see exactly what you are shooting at an share the excitement of the hunt.

This is digital night vision build on a PC1099 HD CMOS image sensor, compare with units that cost thousands more.

  •          150 to over 200+ yard night vision (depends on scope)
  •          No night blindness like with tradition night vision and thermal
  •          6+ hour battery life per charge
  •          About 30 oz with illuminator and batteries!

See it at  Or call 404-590-6513 to order