About Us

Henry Johns, Founder of Digital FOV, LLc on hog hunt in Washington County Ga. with Grunter Hunters
IR night vision boad
IR night vision CMOS boards are the future for building night vision devices.

Every one ask me how I got the idea to start a night vision company.  Sometimes ideas are just gifts from God.

Digital FOV, LLC was founded in 2013.  Since then the digital night vision market has really advanced and so have our products.


Night Vision - Digital Crosshairs 1000 on Savage
Night Vision – Digital Crosshairs 1000 on Savage

Our goal is to provide the market with affordable Night Vision products. We use the best IR digital night vision camera boards including the Sony Effie technologies to get great quality day or night.  We also use Oslon Black based IR emitters in our IR illuninators, which are the best on the market.  We are here to prove Night vision does not have to be expensive to be great quality in the digital age!

In 2013 we were offering solutions that were 480 television lines (TVL) in resolution.  Today we are using camera boards that are 1000 TVL in resolution.

Night hunt at Owens Farm Hunting Preserve with Digital Crosshairs 1000

This technology is making it affordable for everyone to enjoy night vision hunting.  If you have not experienced night vision either hunting or just looking at nature, you are in for a real treat.

Henry Johns – Chief Innovator – Digital FOV, LLC

Learn more at:  www.digitalcrosshairs.net or call 404-590-6513