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Many years ago, before my home area became a suburb for a big city, it was country. Since I grew up there, that makes me a country girl. Or more accurately, I was a backwoods girl. An only child of a hunter, trapper, and fisherman, I learned the rudimentary skills involved in tracking and shooting. I helped build tree stands, put up trespass signs, and put out salt licks. I ran a beagle that could bring a rabbit back and practically have it jump over my feet. It was only my soft-hearted, animal-loving nature that kept me from hunting for real.

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Digital Crosshairs 1000A Rifle Scope Clip-on For Visually Impaired


Adaptive Shooting Clip-on System

Digital Crosshairs 1000A
Adaptive LCD Targeting Display for Standard Scope!

Digital FOV’s adaptive shooting device helps physically and visually challenged sports men and women enjoy hunting and shooting sports.

Digital Crosshairs 1000A, an easy to install rail mounted video display that puts the view of a rifle, crossbow, or pistol scope’s crosshairs on an LCD display that is easy to see from any angle.

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